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Beneficial Topsoil & Compost

Add the right materials to your garden when you shop at Grandview Nurseries Inc in Irwin, Pennsylvania. With our own compost site, we are able to offer a complete line of topsoil in a wide variety of grades.


Earth-Saving Recycling

The Earth never gives us something that we can't use. At Grandview, our equipment and handling systems are effective at recycling a range of yard waste materials. From grass clippings and leaves to tree trimmings and brush, these materials combine to create a quality soil conditioner. This finished compost can be used for landscaping and agriculture applications without resulting in waste to the environment.

For more than 50 years, we have offered this finished product to local residents, landscapers, and municipalities for recycling of their materials. Whether you have a small backyard or a commercial-scale project, compost is the perfect material for any job. It is ideal for growing and maintaining beautiful, healthy plants, and offers the following benefits:

• DER Approved
• Conserves National Resources
• Aids in Prevention of Moisture Loss
• Aids in Resistance to Insect Attack
• Reduces Weed Growth

• Environmentally Safe
• Economical to Use
• Attractive as a Top Dressing
• Reduces Landfill Space


Products Produced, Screened, or Made On Site

Compost (produced & screened)
Special Blend (50/50 mix Compost/Topsoil)
  – A wonderful one step mix, great for lawns, mounds, building beds & plantings.
Topsoil (screened and in various types)
Clay (straight or screened)
Ballfield Mix (sand & clay)

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